Wednesday, November 17, 2010

whats going on ?! rainie totally changed ,i am no longer that innocent ,good girl @.@ i really change alot ,really alot ! why am i acting like this ?i hate myself !
why am i so kind to everyone ?
why am i the only one always give in ?
why am i still trust her that she has a heart ?
why am i have to like him ?
why am i never shut back ?

Friday, November 12, 2010

after goin to the leadership camp -nacli ,i realised alot of things and personally i do alot of reflection on myself too !
realisation : not everyone is pure
i am more stupid person in this world :p
talk less and be more observant
i am a very rude person
reflection: should speak softly ( haha yep i will try my best)
i need to have patience
dont be so rude

i never felt that lonely before , i need to seek for a partner all the time ):
i really think that i a failer ...

HAHA moment ^^ yeah :on the second day night ,i went to other room and sleep with other girls ,we have a wonderful conversation on that night >.O shi~ it is a secret >.^

Sunday, October 31, 2010

EL ~
yeah ~
today is the 2nd day ,never call him ,dun no if i should be happy or ...
is time to wake up !!!!!
he dun like you ):
he is just a passer-by ,your Mr right is still waiting for you somewhere (yunho~)

Friday, October 29, 2010

today xinying,nickish and i went to trent's house , the street soccer court to celebrate his birthday .the whole celebration is so boring bec of that stupid terence's present la~ actually we plan to smash the cake onto trent's face one ,but his brother is there ,i scare later he say that i am violent .in the end ,end up me and xy play against one another and the boys play against each other =_="
i totally hate it !!!!!!!we wait for the stupid 113 for 30mins !!!! when the bus arrived ,guess what i saw? the two brotheres were on the bus ,smiling happily ,lol...
Happy Birthday Trent (:

Friday, August 6, 2010

i would never let u go ,if the history repeated

hi sorry i am back ^^today we celebrating NDP in school ,well is damn boring,but it ends quite early today as compare to normal school days^^after school i was heading for KFC with Megan and XY,but in the end ,we joined SSC bec we saw our class' boys playing soccer there ..
that person injuried ,his left eye was scretched by his spectacle while he was trying to block the ball ,unfortunatelly ,the ball hit his spectacle off and cause it cut the eye,i was ran and fellowed him all the way to the mama shop ,to buy tissue and cool can drink for him ,i thou his eye was bleeding but it just swellen only ,was quite angry when he throw my tissue on the floor .
insist persauded him to put the cool can above the swellen part in case it swells worse ,but he just refuse to ..,i was tracing him all the way to persaude him again and again...stupid !!!! why must i care? i even called his brother to tell him he was injuried ,and take care of him ...
i hate myself ,if i study harder ,my english wouldn't be that suck ,then i can persaude him to do what i told ,not face him every time with speechless ,and seeing him slip off my side with injuried eye,and i cant help ...
i wouldn't let u off next tme ,if it happened again ...i will make sure u listen to me ...hehe ^^( sound so fierce )

Saturday, May 1, 2010

just now i flick thought my blog,i realised my life changes from 2 january 2010^^
start to laugh and tear...the happiest time is this year March ,i must in love during that time (: u r the only one dun worry ^~^